From the brand with over 100 years of expertise, comes an ultra-high performance all season tire that delivers uncompromising capability in virtually any condition.

All Seasons— 

No Compromises

Meet the all-season tire that delivers year-round performance, in every region, and in any kind of weather: Vredestein Hypertrac.

MotorTrend PRESENTS: Hypertrac Unboxing

Sean Holman unboxes the Vredestein Hypertrac, and shares a bit of background on how it was specifically engineered for North American roads.

The Hypertrac Difference

MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman explains the DNA of the Vredestein Hypertrac and how it's been developed specifically for the North American market.

'One Take with The 
Smoking Tire'

Leading automotive journalists Matt Farah and Zack Klapman of ‘The Smoking Tire,’ put Hypertrac through its paces on some major mountain curves.

"If anything, it has amplified the capabilities of the X3.”

Hypertrac: Focus on Design 

Experience the sleek design of Hypertrac through the unique lens of celebrated automotive photographer Huseyin Erturk. 

Which Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire Is the Best?

Tire Rack pits Goodyear against Michelin and Vredestein in several tests.